So many _____, so little time

I am currently on summer vacation… and with that knowledge, you might make the assumption that I am making amazing progress on all of my stored up projects.

You’d be wrong – very, very wrong.

I believe I suffer from what my wife calls being a ‘messy’, or what my dad more politely refers to as being a ‘divergent thinker’ (see The Messies Manual – though it refers to housewives, I think it could be useful for anyone to identify their strengths and weaknesses). In either case, I find too many things that interest me and struggle mightily with giving any one thing very much of my time. It’s quite maddening at times. For instance, at this very moment there sits beside me on my desk a list of 8 items to be working on (this blog is one of them), but I’m not hitting the most challenging or important one first. I’m fiddling with blogging, learning a bit about Google Reader, and trying to figure out how Pete gets so much reading accomplished.

My dad and I just had a conversation this morning about the qualities of a ‘cleanie’, which manifest themselves in some instances in people with a great deal of drive. They just get things done. I suspect that there must be a trade-off, but perhaps that is just wishful thinking on my part (it gives me reason to hope that my messiness entails some as-yet-undefined positive quality to keep things in balance). But these people have a focus which allows them a much greater efficiency, which accounts for several people I know who accomplish three times as much as I do in any similar time period.

Alas, even this blog is a good example of me segmenting other more pressing matters because my brain has wandered in a more ‘fun’ direction.

But I’ll return, just as soon as I have something else I’d rather not do.


3 Responses to “So many _____, so little time”

  1. repercussio Says:

    Welcome to the blog world. I’m intrigued by this messie/cleanie idea–I’ll have to check it out. Keep it coming. Say hi to your folks. Peter

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