Falling off the wagon

Just came across an article in Slate (Sugar Babies) that struck a chord. The past several years have got me convinced that sugar is an addictive substance – perhaps without the same kick as nicotine, but addictive nonetheless (quite possible more so due to genetic predisposition).

Ms. Bazelon (and her source, Ms. Mello) make some really good points about how our children are marketed to and the potential effects. When you look at the state of obesity and diabetes in this country, surely this is something we ought not ignore. It’s downright irresponsible to know that targeting children with sugar-related advertising will increase their consumption and still allow it to go unchecked. That being said, I realize this is a free country and a capitalistic one as well – no CEO is going to further his bottom line by developing a conscience (at least, not in the short run).

But that’s where government can come in. I’m not huge on hands-on government, but people are still going to want sweets with or without commercials. We have an identified problem and I would hazard a guess that nobody disputes such a problem exists. Do the responsible thing, just like with nicotine – maybe it’ll just do the trick.

Additional suggested reading: Lick the Sugar Habit, Why We’re Fatter


3 Responses to “Falling off the wagon”

  1. In modest ways business has regulated itself in response to consumer upset. Modest ways.

    McDonald’s dumped (no digestive pun intended) it’s “SUPER SIZE IT” menu tier after the movie of the same name crystalized opinion against it.

    And remember that OREOS DOUBLE STUFFS recall (of sorts)? I think they pulled the product when 9 out of 10 nutrionists agreed, “Yes, eating a bag of regular OREOS is sufficient to turn your stool black for a fortnight.”

  2. make that … nutritionists

  3. (and, hey, neither was ‘regulated’ intended as a digestive pun, though, wow, those kinds of happy accidcents sure help hold the Comment together. they’re emulsifiers. like lecithin.)

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