Laconic coincidence

While in high school, I had a history teacher (Bohannon, for Stephen’s benefit) who told us a great story about Calvin Coolidge. Supposedly, a young woman (a reporter, I believe) heard that he wasn’t a very talkative fellow. When she informed him that she had mad a bet that she could get three words out of him, he replied: “You lose.”

In the spirit of that wonderful reply, I have found a particularly fun site dedicated to reviewing movies in four words or less.

But part of the fun of writing this post is that, en route to discovering this site, I dropped off a message to Stephen about the original story that referred me to The Four Word Film Review. And within minutes he was calling me to see if I realized that he had just sent me a link to the same story! Which is pretty funny. Maybe not post-worthy initially, but that leads to the dramatic denouement:

While speaking with him on the phone and discussing the fact that I really should post this stuff, I received a text message from James reminding me of an obligation which I’ve neglected for too long. Her message reads: “Grass”

Whoops! I’ve got a lawn to mow!

Ciao for now!


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