Blogging the Bible

You know, when I first heard of this guy and his plan to blog the Bible, I thought it sounded like a really neat experiment.  Sort of a way to get a fresh look at things I’m way too familiar with and so sometimes might overlook.  But then I started reading it and right away it struck me as a comedy routine.  Kind of makes me think he might have gone in with some definite preconceptions.

He nitpicks at little oddities, has no background with which to interpret anything that doesn’t come across as literal or ‘fast-and-easy’, and keeps sliding in wisecracks of the type that work really well in an article intended to read easily and poke fun at someone/something but not-so-well in an article that is expected to be serious and thoughtful.

To be fair, I can’t take it too personally if he chooses not to take this project seriously.  I’m just disappointed that I allowed myself such high expectations.

But I guess you sort of warned me Pete, by your response.

(Disclaimer: I’ve only partially read the first entry, From Creation to the Flood – so I can’t say this applies to the whole project.  But I’m thinking it’s a safe bet.)


One Response to “Blogging the Bible”

  1. repercussio Says:

    I guess blogging can only be expected to do so much, particularly with one of the greatest pieces of literature in the history of the world. What I have enjoyed about Plotz’s blogging (I’ve read them all) is the everyman, face-value take on the OT. He aptly summarizes why the Bible makes so little sense to so many people. That doesn’t mean it can’t make sense, only that 1) deep literature can take deep digging; 2) not all parts of the Bible were intended to make rational sense in the way a science text would (as I have been discussing in my blog).

    I think American-style Christianity (particularly conservative evangelicalism) has taken itself (and its views on the Bible) too seriously, and a little self-examining humour would do it good.

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