Mad Skillz!

It appears that serendipity is at work – either that, or the force is with me – because mere days after learning to post You Tube videos, I have discovered (via Stephen – thanks!) a video which must be memorialized.

furthermore, I see much in common with this guy. He only had a month of guitar lessons = I only had a month of guitar lessons; he has an optical mouse = I have an optical mouse; he wears a ballcap = I have been known to wear a ballcap. So I perceive this to be a good sign. All I need now is six more years of intensive, daily practice (and a great deal of divine intervention) and then I too can post such amazing work!

Whoever is reading this site (all three of you) most likely already has seen this video via Stephen, but maybe someone else will stumble across it. 🙂


One Response to “Mad Skillz!”

  1. Dear Novice. Amazing header. Good to know that fractals live. I am still chuckling over the Condi Rice image. Keep up the good work on the guitar. Phrenseed.

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