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American Idol?

Posted in Meanderings, Science on October 27, 2006 by weirleader

After listening to yet another Gladwell discussion, I must confess that I am growing addicted.  It is so refreshing to hear intelligent insight and to hear it so easily explained and exemplified.  I find it hard to compare him to anybody else I’ve had the privilege of listening to.

Pete, too, has a good link to a video clip of Gladwell in action.  Alas! So much to see & hear, so little time!

A big thank you to Stephen for gifting me with an MP3/WMA Cd-player for my truck with which I soon plan to listen to many podcasts and audio-books!


Posted in Linguistics, Meanderings on October 22, 2006 by weirleader

Okay – time for a dose of random linguistics.  I’m reading this scripture the other day (can’t remember exactly when) – Phil 3:13 – when it strikes me that it’s a really strange use of the word ‘apprehended‘.  I mean, we’re talking about him trying to win a race and he says he’s not yet apprehended…  just never quite gelled for me.  But I got to thinking of related words/situations and it started to make more sense…  e.g., they apprehended the suspect…   certain monkeys have prehensile tails with which they can swing through the trees…   so now I can see that he means ‘take hold of’, which I always knew from the NIV but never could make the two translations make sense to myself.

Think I’m finished?  Nope – that was the normal part.  What really started bugging me is that when I say I’m apprehensive about an upcoming job interview, it doesn’t exactly call to mind a state of grabbing something.  I suppose it must have something to do with grabbing onesself, but such a usage never crossed my mind before now.

Nope – no real point.  Just an interesting (to me) insight into a very common word.

Maybe this’d be a good time to put in a plug for the Language Log – I really enjoyed reading some excerpts from it in “Far From the Madding Gerund.”  Just wish I had more time to read – had to return it to the library when I was barely 40 pages in.

I Dig Rock ‘N Roll Music… but

Posted in Music, Movies & Entertainment, Religion on October 16, 2006 by weirleader

Yes, after a very long hiatus, I’m back!  🙂

After coming face-to-face this weekend with what many churches these days consider a typical praise service, I asked myself (in the spirit of honesty) just why I object to opening a church service with a full band (including an elder on drums and a deacon on bass guitar).

I even discussed it with a few friends and came to the following conclusion…  I enjoy music and think that both rock and what I would call more ‘spiritual’ music have their place.  But employing rock in the church setting seems to me reminiscent of the early church deciding to celebrate Christmas as a means of expanding their congregation – after all, why not adopt a pagan holiday, if it means more congregants?  I can’t really judge what is going on in the brains of others, but it seems to me to be selling out (pandering, even) in order to appear successful.

Come to think of it – it even reminds me of the movie Blue Chips in which Nick Nolte is sadly educated in the commercialization of college sports.  In order to remain competitive, he has to woo his players and the sport is cheapened.

What do you think?