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The Relativity of Wrong

Posted in Education, Science on November 3, 2006 by weirleader

If you’re wondering just why (and how) I’ve posted three articles on the same day – well, let’s just say I have more important things to be doing (see my post on being a messy).

As for our title, it’s due to Isaac Asimov (one of my all-time favorite authors and thinkers) as the title of a book which I am very interested in picking up. I came across it whilst reading an article from Scientific American (yes, I’m bingeing on science instead of doing actual work at the moment) and it’s really a pretty fascinating concept. So I thought I’d point it out to all of you (or should that be both of you?) and see if you like it as much as I did.

The gist of the article is that the more we learn, the closer our opinions/theories grow to the truth.  And there are degrees of closeness or distance (i.e. ‘wrongness’) that can be distinguished.  The author of the SciAm post mentions a few interesting examples.

After looking into the Asimov book a bit, it appears that it won’t exactly be highly intellectual, but perhaps interesting nonetheless.  I think it’ll be on my secondary reading list – for when I have lots of time on my hands (that probably means retirement! 🙂 )

My next camera

Posted in Photography, Science on November 3, 2006 by weirleader

I think my next camera might need to be a 1 pixel camera.  Yep – 1 pixel.  It would drain batteries a lot slower…

Of course, that sounds pretty stupid, until you read this article about an algorithm for recording multiple data sets on a single pixel and then reconstructing an image that most easily replicates the data.  Sounds pretty bizarre, but sort of makes sense at the outer edges of conscious thought.

Anyway, thought you’d find that interesting Pete.


Posted in Education, Science on November 3, 2006 by weirleader

spider web

Just got finished reading this article discussing spider silk, and wanted to share it. It’s really pretty amazing, and although I recalled it being quite strong I don’t believe I’d ever heard about a variety of types of spider silk. And the disengaging mechanism believed to be responsible for allowing spiders to traverse webs is really pretty sweet.

Anyhow, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Plus it was interesting to hear that the movie version of SpiderMan made the web far thicker than necessary compared to spider silk’s tensile strength.

I always knew I liked Lego

Posted in Education, Toys & Games on November 1, 2006 by weirleader

where was Andrew Lipson when I was a young lego-holic?  If only I knew they could be turned to such fabulous uses!  Of course, AutoCAD wasn’t around back then (at least, I don’t think it was) and I wasn’t exactly primed for complex theoretical shapes, but this guy is pretty awesome!  Makes me wish I had some actual free time on my hands! (as if that’ll ever happen)

This could even make up the substance of a pretty interesting hands-on college course.

A good catalog of his creations can be found here – and I especially like this one.