The Relativity of Wrong

If you’re wondering just why (and how) I’ve posted three articles on the same day – well, let’s just say I have more important things to be doing (see my post on being a messy).

As for our title, it’s due to Isaac Asimov (one of my all-time favorite authors and thinkers) as the title of a book which I am very interested in picking up. I came across it whilst reading an article from Scientific American (yes, I’m bingeing on science instead of doing actual work at the moment) and it’s really a pretty fascinating concept. So I thought I’d point it out to all of you (or should that be both of you?) and see if you like it as much as I did.

The gist of the article is that the more we learn, the closer our opinions/theories grow to the truth.  And there are degrees of closeness or distance (i.e. ‘wrongness’) that can be distinguished.  The author of the SciAm post mentions a few interesting examples.

After looking into the Asimov book a bit, it appears that it won’t exactly be highly intellectual, but perhaps interesting nonetheless.  I think it’ll be on my secondary reading list – for when I have lots of time on my hands (that probably means retirement! 🙂 )


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