SNOW DAY!!! :-)


Icy rain all night – still going. Maybe Michigan does have its perks.

(Disclaimer: the picture above is just for dramatic effect and is not actually my car) 🙂

Although, I suspect the main reason for this snow day is a benefit of one of our unhappier situations. A little over a year ago,XXXXXXXXXX Public laid off its transportation workers and farmed out the service to a local bussing company – that bussing company now holds liability for any problems and they can make the call if a snow day is required… bypassing the superintendent. It’s unfortunate for those out of work (because some bus drivers were re-hired by the new company, but not all), but a boon for the safety of those of us that drive to work.

One other reason we suspect the number of snow days in XXXXX  is minimal – scuttlebut has it that our former superintendent felt it was many of our students’ only chance for a good meal (we have a huge percentage of students on free/reduced-lunch programs).

Whatever the case may be, I was in serious need of a ‘mental health day‘!

So again I say, ‘Woot!’

edit: 1/30/07 removed reference to School District so as not to offend 🙂


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