The Morning Commute

I know I have a tendency to easily jump on the bandwagon (any bandwagon – I’m too interested in just about everything!), but the previously mentioned site, The Situationist, has another great entry today about commuting.    For one thing, people who commute an hour or more to work need (subconsciously) an extra $40,000 to make them feel their commute is worthwhile.  Pretty interesting bit of info – I suspect many wouldn’t have realized the threshold was so high.  (Myself, on the other hand, you couldn’t pay enough to take such a long commute).

But the part I found the most fascinating was a bit about the triangle between where you live, where you work, and where you shop.  The article boiled it down to the idea that the smaller the edges on your “triangle” are, the happier you are with your situation (as a general trend) – so my 13 miles work to home, 3 miles home to groceries, and 15 miles groceries to work are probably pretty good compared to many.


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