Test-Drive a Good Book Lately?

It’s been too long since I’ve had the leisure to read through The Mental Multi-Vitamin, but I had a few moments at lunch today and stumbled across a gem of an article on books, collecting them, reading them, purchasing vs. borrowing from the library.

Due to similar constraints in my life (that is, lack of funds for unlimited literary purchases), I’ve become quite the patron of the Lakeland Library Cooperative – borrowing loads of books, videos, and music.  Also, as I believe I mentioned back in a previous post, with an MP3-playing stereo in my truck I now have been listening to quite a few books-on-CD (VERY nice for my 30-minute-each-way commute).

But back to the point – I liked the discussion of what constitutes a “keeper” and I’d like to work on becoming more discerning of those books which join my “keeper” collection.  It also reminds me of what Pete and I talke about a while back: the ability to mark all over my books and really make them “my own”.  Of course, that last is more useful for non-fiction than fiction – but I don’t do nearly enough of it.  I still have this ingrained conditioning that says that books are never to be written in (but I’m working on it! slowly!)  😉

And the good news is that summer is on the way – and with my teacher’s schedule I stand a much better chance of getting some reading done during the warm months than the cold.  (If I can squeeze in the time around the schedule of my pesky [yet immensely enjoyable!] Master’s program).

Well, lunch is over – back to our alternative energy projects!


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