As easy as riding a bike

So Quinn needs a new bike (he’s way outgrown his 16″ one).  We go to Toys ‘R Us for a sale and we’re convinced, focused, set on a 24″ bike – the way he’s been growing he outgrew that other bike in a little over a year, and we don’t want to keep buying a bike every year or so.

The poor kid couldn’t stand over the cross-bar, but we were so focused on showing him how to do it (and convincing him that he really could, despite his better judgment) that we reduced the poor guy to tears.  I was very impressed by the salesperson – she had the guts to speak up in what was becoming a very tense situation and point out that they are required to have both kids’ feet on the floor when sizing a bike for someone.

That snapped me out of it and I realized how insensitive I was being.  (Plus, she assured us that her 13-year-old just graduated from a mere 20″-er).  It’s sad how easy it was for me to put unreasonable pressure on a 7-year-old just to save $80.

I’m already missing the stage when he was so small I could easily flip him over my shoulder. 😦  But every stage has its perks and disadvantages, right?

Of course, after all that “drama”, it turned out that the bike he finally wanted was a floor model only and the one hand-brake was broken as well.  We waited a day and drove to another store where they had one in stock – only to find out that a) it too was broken, and b) it wasn’t on-sale (woulda been nice to know that before this whole fiasco).  But the salespeople were very helpful and apologetic for all the runaround we’d been having.  Hopefully today Quinn will finally get his new bike – with 7 speeds (he insisted) so he can keep up with his friend up the street.  😉


One Response to “As easy as riding a bike”

  1. I empathize. It’s so easy to get tunnel vision–and it’s never really just one factor with kids. It’s money, it’s wanting the best, it’s feeling pressure to get them the best (but still worried about the money), it’s wanting to seem like a good parent (maybe the best), etc, etc. Man, I am so with you–we need to be more Zen–live and enjoy the moment. Of course, Jesus said something similar–don’t be anxious for the future, each day has enough trouble of it’s own. Each has enough blessing, too.

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