Life as a House

Just got through watching the aforementioned movie and was really very impressed.  I don’t watch many dramas and although I like many of them quite a lot (e.g., Walk the Line) I don’t often want to own them.  Stephen and I even had a discussion about what makes a movie re-watchable, and I tend to only want to own comedies or action flicks – but this one was unique (in its effect on me).  I described it when I rated it on Flixster as “American Beauty with a soul”, and that’s exactly how it struck me midway through the movie.  American Beauty was a fascinating and introspective movie that looked in some uncomfortable places, but as interesting as I found it I didn’t really care much about the majority of the characters in quite the same way as I did in this film.

It makes me want to take my kids to the beach – right away.  (If you’ve seen the film and are a parent, I’m sure you’ll understand)

And, you know, I really like Kevin Kline.


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