Sometimes, It’s Easy Being Green

A good friend is starting a business supporting the establishment and use of renewable energy. I’m somewhat tempted to try to explain the company in detail, but perhaps it’s best to let them do that in their own words – after all, they went to all the trouble to create a website for their company (

Perhaps I could just summarize. From their site, you can:

  • investigate the suitability of harnessing renewable energy in your area
  • investigate the cost of installing a renewable energy system
  • install said system, if you wish to
  • purchase supplies to make your home more energy-efficient
  • purchase energy credits (for those who don’t have the opportunity, but have the desire)

If you, by chance, know anyone who might be interested – or maybe even somebody who’s in the business, be sure to share this site with them!

And for those of you who don’t know to whom they should send this, consider buying a diesel vehicle and investing in some BioWillie. 😉


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