Confession of a Gadget-Junkie

Yes, I love gadgets.  The only thing saving me from blowing endless quantities of money on the numerous “very cool toys” out there is the fact that I don’t have endless quantities of money.  But, thanks to the internet (yes, and you too, Al Gore), I can install all manner of freeware add-ons, etc. and fiddle with them.  Mostly, it ends up blowing large quantities of time (hmmm, if time = money …..  let’s not go there).

In any case, I just found a gadget that saved my butt – or, at least, my bookmarks.  I downloaded/installed it a long time ago.  So long ago that I don’t really remember doing it.  But today my Firefox profile started going goofy on me.  Pages I normally access without a problem started wigging on me – telling me they were inaccessible – only partially loading.  What to do?!  I checked the Firefox forums and one knowledgeable and very nice soul suggested I go to Start –> Run…  and run ‘firefox -P’.  I created a new profile, which fixed everything, and I was in business!  YEEEESSSSS!  😉

And then it hit me – all my bookmarks were gone.  Lots of bookmarks.  Sure, some were frivolous, but I count on several of them to relieve me of the need to think too hard during the day.  And I couldn’t recall which ones I’d need until I needed them!!!  Can’t let that happen.  So I’m looking into my options for exporting them, when **BANG** I notice a menu option entitled ‘Foxmarks‘.  I click on it, it asks me if I’d like to sync with my data on the server, and I tell it to upload my current bookmark configuration.  I open up my new profile (created moments before), install Foxmarks on this new profile, say “yes”, I’d love to sync my bookmarks with the server, and ta-da!!!  it’s done.  So freaking painless!

If you value your bookmarks, just do it!!!  It’s like life insurance – you don’t want to have to cash it in, but when you need it, you’ll wish you had it (or someone else will, at least).  ;-P


One Response to “Confession of a Gadget-Junkie”

  1. Very nice–good to know! Thanks.

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