Some great movies

more to follow (this first time is an experiment):

ok – updated it to reflect my favorite movies of the modern era (70’s ’til now). [edited 8/14/07]

[rockyou id=81161531&w=426&h=320]


2 Responses to “Some great movies”

  1. your (quibbling) brother Says:

    That’s a cool add-on (unless of course you actually want to see the movies that are in the middle of the collage without having to wait for it to cycle through; it seems that it should also cycle the position of the large image so that you don’t block the smaller images).

  2. yeah, it is frustrating that it always blocks the center. additionally, it imports not only your ratings of the movies (most of these are my favorites, so I gave them 4 or 5 stars) but it also gives you your Flixster comments… which covers up the movie poster to the point where you sometimes can’t even see it. So I had to go through and remove any reviews of these.

    but still, a neat gimmick

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