Google Earth – shooting for the stars

The Eagle Nebula (Hubble Space Telescope)I have to admit – I like those folks at Google. In addition to “not being evil“, they are pretty darn clever and creative. Not only did they pick up GrandCentral (thanks Stephen for introducing me to that), but they’ve expanded GoogleEarth to create GoogleSky. I haven’t had a chance to truly check it out yet, but as we’re covering Astronomy this year with Quinn I’m really looking forward to making use of some great pictures and/or resources.

If you’ve never tried GoogleEarth, it’s pretty fascinating… though I don’t really have much time to mess around with it. I checked the usual, my house, my parents’ house, UCLA, Pete’s place, Long Beach Town Center, the old condo, and the old homestead before I ran out of interesting places to look at. I guess some crazy people spend their time browsing through it to find random images of planes caught by satellite image. Anyhow, check ’em out.


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