What do math and romance have in common?

Apparently, more than I thought!!!

Props to HalfAwake for re-introducing me to both xkcd (*correction: apparently, my brother actually deserves the props for the original introduction, back in November of ’06) and a wonderful mathematical treatment of why Tristan Miller will never have a girlfriend!

That was some great reading (for a certified math geek) and I’ve shared the image below to give you a taste of xkcd… I can see I’ve been missing out!

*edited 9/19/07


3 Responses to “What do math and romance have in common?”

  1. XKCD really is fun. I spent a couple hours one day just reading all the old ones when I first discovered it.

  2. your (quibbling) brother Says:

    May I quibble a moment? I’d like to think that it was in fact I who introduced you to xkcd as early as November 14th, 2006. (I’ll forward the email for good measure) When it comes to something so simple yet perfect as xkcd I’m all too willing to resort to quibbling in this way. And, just like halfawake, I spent the better part of a morning reading every entry up to that date. To be fair, I came across the comics via BoingBoing in all likelihood. But that’s how these things happen. I can see the irony-idiocy of my remarks being turned into an xkcd idiot-villain even now …

  3. fair enough – now that it’s been brought to my attention, I shall amend my statement. 🙂

    I did think the site felt vaguely familiar, but I’m guessing I didn’t get to fully peruse it last time like I did this time.

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