Do I pass the snob test?

Well, maybe that’s not very accurate.  But it was sort of my gut-level reaction to discovering this interesting site which rates your blog’s readability level.  I should give recognition to (interestingly enough) Austin for directing my attention to it – it really feels quite cool, though I suppose I should have the awareness to take its rating with a grain of salt since I don’t really know what kind of algorithm it uses for this identification.

Nonetheless, at least I rate high school – which is more than I’m sure many others rate (and thus the “snob test” portion of my title).  I’ll have to see what I can do to increase that….  hmmmm….

I’m guessing Pete is gonna top me – with all those “exegesis” this and “epistemology” thats…  😉
not to mention the occasional sprinkling of “rubicon” or “eschatology”…

Hey, I think I just raised my reading level right there!!!  🙂

Try it on your own site!!!  Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Do I pass the snob test?”

  1. Nope – I got the same rating. Seeing as it only took about 1.5 seconds to give the rating, I’m wondering how much of a blog it looks at?

    A little googling finds several sites with various measures of readability. Our reading center could provide a rubric (oops!) for measuring it.

  2. At first I was like, uh, well why “interestingly enough” ??? My weired mind went all over the place. Oh, you don’t like hanging out w/ elementary school level blogs, eh? Are you better than me now cause you’re at the high school level? LOL 🙂 After I got off my inferiority complex trip I realized that you and I share a name which may be why you said that. Okay, I can now accept “interestingly enough.”

    I have to agree w/ Peter (even though we don’t share a name I still have to agree w/ Peter.) It didn’t take the site long to decide what level I’m at. There was no in depth analysis, just a guess I’d say. I don’t want to split hairs here or anything but why did Peter get 0.5 seconds longer than me? I feel rather cheated.


    (not a math teacher, just a graphic artist w/ a blog that doesn’t rank very high)

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