More Environmental Inaction

In a not-so-surprising ruling, the EPA denied the rights of states to set strict air quality standards independently of the government. A Californian at heart, I’m quite disappointed to see yet another instance of our “hands-off” government illustrating how “hands-off” is really just a euphemism for “hands-off what helps the little guy”.
In this article from the N.Y. Times, Stephen Johnson, head of the EPA, says,

Climate change affects everyone regardless of where greenhouse gases occur, so California is not exclusive.

I’d love for Mr. Johnson to take a trip back in time with me to my playground days, particularly those where we couldn’t play outside due to the severe smog conditions. Perhaps I’m misinformed, but I’ve been under the impression for years that 1) the Los Angeles area was rather unique in it’s retention of poluted air (leading to those smog days) and 2) that the current, much-improved conditions are due to the 50+ years of the federal government allowing California the power and autonomy to deal with the situation. It’s simplistic and disingenuous to suggest that climate change affects all equally. And it’s scary the degree with which the current administration can influence the decisions of its many branches.

But I realize that it’s more important that the big car companies keep making money. After all, that’s the only way we can finance the Republican version of government – high spending, low revenue.

At least I’m not bitter. 😉


One Response to “More Environmental Inaction”

  1. Haha. There’s definitely a bit of a double-standard when it comes to the feds choosing which topics should be left to the states. It’s all political mind-games.

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