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I have been inspired by the Girl Detective to make more of a concerted effort to accomplish some reading this year.  Way back in high school I can recall managing approximately 50 books in a given year, but that was when my time was solely my own and I’d worked out the best plan-of-attack for accomplishing maximum homework in minimum time.  Now that I’m a parent, a teacher, as well as a student (not to mention a very sociable fellow) I find that that number is drastically reduced…  it’s actually quite depressing.  😦

I’ve already mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been listening to books on CD, and that’s helped, but the size of the books (many are quite large) has made going slow.  Additionally, most recently have been re-reads – great on reliving the fun of my favorites, but not as satisfying in some ways as moving into uncharted territory.

I’m thinking that I should really try hard to set a very reasonable goal for my first attempt – perhaps a book a month.  While that sounds potentially small from one perspective, it still doesn’t seem to be a gimme (as I’m trying to swing two master’s degree classes this semester).  Then again, I’ve really been wanting to force myself to devote more time to reading to my kids…  and I suppose such time could be counted toward my book-reading.  I’ll have to think more on that one.

Here’s an idea: 24 books in a year.  Twelve for me, twelve with the kids.  I think I could manage that.  But even so it will probably take some serious effort.  My main problem is that I don’t fly through nonfiction nearly as fast as through a good page-turner.  With the type of nonfiction that interests me, I end up having to slow down and really absorb the material.


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  1. Thanks for the kudos, but don’t compare your life to mine–you’ve got WAY more going on. When I was getting my one master’s, before I was married or a parent, I could only manage one book a month (I belonged to a book club, so I read it for that) plus comic books, which were short and serialized. A book a month given all you’ve got is a big deal. Good luck!

  2. That’s a great idea – and I like the Gurulib that she uses – similar to Librarything – but all free.

    Book a week? Maybe fiction, but not non-fiction. Hmmm – good challenge. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Yeah, Weirleader, start with 24. That boils down to less than 20 pages a day I should think. I’m going to shoot for a book fortnightly which should bring me in at 26 on the year … a number drastically up from these last three years.

    Before I started here in Westwood I was doing quite well (for me)–putting away several books in a couple weeks at times–but as you know I’ve never been a diligent nor an avid reader. I do like sentences though and I do like ideas but I tend to bolt my reading (which is often bad for digestion).

    I was at Border’s last weekend with the reader formerly known as Repercussio and I was bemoaning what standing in those aisles does to me. It causes me to kind of shut down when I walk between all those shelves and consider the deluge of all that printed matter. And I’m particularly demoralized when I find myself in the deep water between Philosophy and Religion, to say nothing of that nihilist endcap, Atheism.

  4. I think this is an awesome goal. My reading usually comes in spurts (i.e. I’ll read a book or two, and then stop reading for 10 months). I think spreading the reading over the course of the year is a much better strategy. I’m also going to start choosing books with a difficulty level that is inversely proportional to how busy I am… Hopefully that will help increase the chances that I’ll actually finish. (This is a lesson I learned after trying to read “Midnight’s Children” during the busiest part of the year).

  5. halfawake, you make a good point about reading difficulty level being inversely proportional to how busy you are – that’s my problem as well. But it’s helpful to have it be said (er, written)…

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