Your first gaming moment

Pac-Man screenshotI wish I was clever enough to have thought of this, but it really is an interesting and conversation-provoking question. Writin’ Wrong pointed me to this blog where some top gamers/game designers reminisce about their pong-infested glory days.

I have to admit that I’m having a heck of a time recalling where my gaming addiction began. Was it Zork, Super Breakout, Seven Cities of Gold, or simply Donkey Kong? I know my cousin had a 2600, but we only got to play that when visiting the grandparents… so that’s not likely.

Maybe it was Rick Solymar’s (my neighbor’s) Coleco-Vision – playing Zaxxon or WarGames. Nah… too recent.

If crappy introductory guides count, then that dumb little bunny on “Apple Presents Apple” might be my first experience… except that, as I recall it, I was already at that point showing my 6th grade teacher how to use the goram thing.

Back… back… way back…

Past Karateka, past Ollie’s Follies, (this is sort of feeling like Romper Room)…

I’m guessing (WW, you can correct me if you recall better – after all, you’re the only person I know of who claims to remember the delivery room) that it must be on our old Atari 400, with the weak-sauce, chiclet keyboard. That strongly implies Donkey Kong or Pac-Man

Not a very unique first-time experience. But by all means, share your own!


4 Responses to “Your first gaming moment”

  1. One thing I sort of remember that may predate all you mentioned was a Centipede-style game that ran on dad’s amber-screened Sanyo computer … which looked something like this:

  2. funny you mention that – I had racked my brain for any games we had for that and couldn’t recall any… but now that you’ve given me a direction to consider, I’m pretty sure that one was self-programmed (according to some recipe in a computer mag). Was that really before the 400??? I’m just not certain.

  3. Wow. I wish I could remember the *first* experience. Most of my early vg memories that I actually can remember come from being at a friend’s house playing their games and being super jealous since I knew there was no way I’d get them.

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