A *gasp* point in favor of Macs

reading Coding Horror, I discovered (to my great surprise) that although Macs at one point were accessible only to the economically advantaged, they have normalized in price.  The important detail to point out is that an “apples to apples” (quite a nice pun, no?) approach is necessary…  that is, you first need to spec out the typical PC laptop with all the bells and whistles that typically accrue to a Mac.

Which is why I still am not likely to own a Mac anytime soon.  Though I might enjoy one, I can get a very functional laptop (without the bells and whistles) for maybe $600-700, as opposed to an $1100 iMac with a tiny little screen (and absolutely no gaming ability).  Though I don’t play a lot of games, I still want the ability to do so from time to time.


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