Answer once, Answer twice, Answer Vocab questions for rice

Daniyel pointed me to this site wherein lies a ‘rice-a-thon’.  😉

According to the site, for every vocab question you get right 20 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations.  It sounds a bit odd, but can be addictive for people like me.  As if I needed an excuse to blow large chunks of my day quizzing myself!

Incidentally, my highest vocab level (as rated by the site) is 47.  So consider the gauntlet dropped! 😛


5 Responses to “Answer once, Answer twice, Answer Vocab questions for rice”

  1. Mmmmh, I got 49 and then rapidly descended to 42. Some crazy words. I should have written them down to look up (including their etymology, because I was baffled).

    But it is addictive, especially the combined altruism/competition aspect …

  2. Ok, so it took me just under ten minutes to get to 42, and I gave up. How long did it take you guys to get to 47 & 49? It would have taken me at least 20 minutes – if you guys did it under that, that’s impressive. Fun site, though – nice that it’s helping someone – any verification that’s for real?

  3. Yeah, it took me about 12-15 minutes to get 49. Then I tried for another 10 minutes and barely hit 48 before I fell to 42. And stayed there for a while.

    I struggled for a while and realized that far too much guessing was required for me to get 49 and any score close to that would probably require the equivalent of rolling a four-sided die three or four times in a row and getting the same number each time, then getting a word I knew hands down and then, once again, doing the improbable dice roll thing.

    What I found most interesting about it was how my hunches worked. I’d make guesses based on whether the word *sounded* like a noun, for example. I also started making guesses based on whether or not the word sounded like some kind of animal or plant life. (Usually animals had a kind of cutesy sound and plant life had a sound half-cutesy and half-technical sounding)

    It became a very odd list after 45 or so …

  4. Oh, I get. Suddenly.

    It was a “chicken soup with rice”-related title …

  5. yeah – that one was just for you, too.

    I mean, who else would even make the connection? 😉

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