Bias in the media

I’ve been paying a bit more attention to the blog Freakonomics lately and found the two following articles provided some interesting reading.  See what you think:

Acceptable Biases, and Unacceptable Ones, and, linked to in that same article:

Is Discrimination Against Latinos Getting More Costly?


2 Responses to “Bias in the media”

  1. Sorta interesting. I think Andy Rooney comes off as ignorant far too often. This is another instance.

    It’s no big deal to say that he’s not drawn to major league baseball these days but to put it the way he has implies his disinterest is a result of the recent swell in the number of Latino players.

    Now, because his viewership is largely white and over 60 there is unlikely any (ratings) downside to his remarks.

    The Ken Burns/PBS situation is a more interesting one mainly because of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s avowed mission, its public interest aspect.

    It’s a dilemma. Burns set out to tell the story of the U.S. involvement in the Second World War through the lives of people in four American cities–Luverne (Minnesota), Mobile (Alabama), Sacramento (California), and Waterbury (Connecticut).

    To some extent this automatically edged out Latinos in at least three of the four pillar cities, but its strange that Sacramento, a city with about a 20% Latino population today, should not have included a greater Latino focus.

    Or Burns could have gone with cities like Phoenix or Long Beach, both of which had population numbers not too far out of line with Sacramento, but both of which had (and still have) larger Latino representation.

    Something eye-opening for me: two of the more interesting facts about the Second World War worth noting here are that 1) Latinos suffered a statistically significant disproportion of casualties and 2) Mexican-Americans earned the most Medals of Honor of any ethnic group (or sub-group) with their 17 medals awarded.

    The first fact being the larger and the more heartbreaking of the two reasons arguing for greater inclusion of Latinos …

    That said … a filmmaker is aiming for a different kind of representation, not necessarily looking to fill airtime with quotas based on ethnic makeup.

    An equally valid campaign would question whether or not Ken Burns has undue influence on what PBS airs (and spends a disproportionate amount of their marketing money on).

  2. Our business has been mentioned on a blog in a negative way and I am not sure how I can get the anonymous blogger to remove the post.. I’ve emailed her but have had no response. What are my options and what should my next step be?.

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