George Lucas In Love

A number of years ago, while searching for that one gift that Stephen would a) enjoy and b) not already have, I stumbled across this great little short film. I bought it for him, we watched it (and I loved it), but then I eventually forgot about it… until today. Somehow I got off-topic in my Calculus class (not uncommon – they’re good kids, and make for good conversation) and I was reminded of a math course I took once in which my professor tried to make the tests a little light-hearted by spicing up the word problems. This may sound rather lame or geeky, but I can vouch for the fact that it reduces stress a bit on a test when, instead of solving a random, dry differential equations problem, we got to compute the rate at which The Joker was destroying the city while trailed by Batman OR perhaps how much “ForceLuke needed to use to stretch a spring with a given spring constant by a mile so that the Millennium Falcon could blast it (and free Luke) without risk of injuring him. And, for you Star Trek fans, the exponential growth problem that involved Tribbles was so much fun! (okay, definitely exhibiting geekiness there)

Anyhow, all this reminded me of movies and humor and… well… this just popped into my head. So I’m telling the kids about it and saying how I’d bring it (George Lucas in Love) in, only my brother has it out in CA and I’m not exactly feeling like rushing out and buying it – and they say to me, “Try YouTube!” Well, lo and behold, it’s there in its entirety… so I’ll share it with you. Be warned, it’s only as funny as your passion for the movie. If you love the movie, you should love it – if not, well… no promises.

Hopefully you’ll also catch the connection to a certain playwright searching for his muse.


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