…and STILL so little time!

Way back at the beginning, I confessed that I do the procrastination thing and, as you can probably tell from my three blog entries today, I’m very, very busy!  😉

One of the ways I cope with stress is to clean my In-Box.  Before I began this cleaning session, I had accrued 30 “New” messages (mostly these are old ones that I leave new so I remember to do something with them) as well as other, less-important “keepers” that I leave in the In-Box, yet labeled “Read”.  Am I confusing you, yet?  It works well, yet gets unwieldy once I reach a critical mass of about 60 messages lounging around.

Anyhow, in the process of cleaning I come across this list pointed out to me by my brother that I would absolutely LOVE to read, yet have practically no time for at the moment…  and I think to myself “Self, what are you going to do here?  Are you going to archive this message and never again peruse this list (unthinkable!)?  Are you going to leave it cluttering your life (and, consequently, providing fuel for more episodes of distractability)?  A-ha!  You’re going to blog it, so that it’s preserved for posterity’s sake!” And here we are, folks…

okay – I’d really better get back to writing my Geometry test.


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