Deliberate Practice

I’ve written before about this topic, both here and here, but I thought this article from Freakonomics relates well and shows that the process of becoming expert at something can apply as easily to sports as it can to music or chess.

And it was good for me to revisit this concept – too often the day-to-day grind wears away at the idea that “effortful study” can outweigh natural talent, and the feeling that I’m struggling against the tide sets in.  But, according to this concept, it’s the effort that my students put in that matters most!


One Response to “Deliberate Practice”

  1. I like the 2nd comment on the “How Did A-Rod Get So Good?” post, even if it’s about as unfair as a sniper bot camping the seawall on the east side of Karkand.

    “What does deliberate practice say about the playoffs?” –Andrew

    It’s undeniable that A-Rod’s post-season numbers do dip from his regular season numbers. Perhaps worse, though, is the argument that the numbers of his teammates fall in tandem with A-Rod’s:

    And in a sport as superstitious as baseball the stress of the playoffs have to weigh more heavily on A-Rod than on even your average star. We’re talking Jonah en route to Tarshish stress.

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