Gender and Education

This interesting article brought to light some interesting statistics that I wouldn’t have guessed on my own.  I’m not really sure what to make of it just yet, but I’m hoping that I might at least use the information to encourage my students, especially girls that might not see themselves as capable of going into an engineering-related filed.

Part of the program I work with encourages students to choose a path as they enter their junior year: the Biomed path, or the Engineering path.  Overwhelmingly, the girls tend to prefer Biomed.  That’s not necessarily a problem (before I get flamed for insinuating otherwise) – I just want to make sure all students feel they are capable of either choice.  Last year, for instance, out of about twenty students, only two were girls.


One Response to “Gender and Education”

  1. Out of twenty engineering (?) students, only two were girls?

    Or there were twenty kids in the program and the only two girls chose Biomed?

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