Funny Farm

Came across this puzzle via the Freakonomics blog (as usual), and it’s really quite interesting. It’s basically a word-association puzzle, but it’s designed to use cookies so it will automatically save your game. AND there’s a feature that let’s people share their solutions to collaborate.

Try it out!

If you want to collaborate, let me show you how: click on the ‘save game’ button and it will provide you with a link to your saved content. Paste that content into a comment here for us to share our results.

My progress so far (only use it if you want to – you can start on your own by using the link above). My recommendation is to begin it on your own and only use my progress if you’re getting stuck. To add my progress to yours, again click the ‘save game’ button and there’s a field where you can paste in somebody else’s progress (just paste in the above link).


13 Responses to “Funny Farm”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Zoe Taylor. I am one of your brother’s co-workers and he got me interested in this puzzle you are both working on. I solved some of the boxes and he told me to send this link to you. If you have any current info just email it back to me. I enjoy puzzles. I hope this link works.

  2. WritinWrong Says:

    Off of “spam”–how could you miss the Nigerian scammers?

    Well, admittedly I couldn’t get it either.

    Until I sent $5,000 to Dr. Jonathan Aguiyi-Ironsi of Lagos …

  3. Nice site – Like what you did. Here’s wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year !

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