MiniBio of NA

In the future, I shall have to update this, but for the time being suffice it to say that I’m a 30-something High School Math teacher with way too many interests and not enough time. As I am creating this blog on summer break, I have no idea if it will continue during the school year, but I’d like it to.

I have an engineering degree, plenty of experience with computers. I love camping, reading, and playing basketball. And I have a wonderful wife and two awesome (and, sometimes, incredibly rambunctious) children.

This blog was largely inspired by my good friend Pete whose blog gives my brain plenty of excercise.

We used to live in SoCal and now reside in West Michigan – and someday we hope to move to the Pacific Northwest.

And, incidentally, if you know of any good jobs for a motivated mathematician-at-heart please drop me a comment! The economy in Michigan is pretty rough these days, and the state of education is even rougher!

2 Responses to “MiniBio of NA”

  1. Dana's Mom Says:

    Now Weirleader….how come I just happen to know you from a little boy??? Huh??? I had a nice long chat with Dana today and she is doing great. Has a wonderful husband and they will be up here in Montana to visit end of this month. She is teaching English at Carson HS and coach of the swimming team. She is on an adult swim team and going to Univ. of MD in a couple weeks to compete herself. We have a small class here and fortunately Mikolay and Becky have moved up here…which makes a total of 7 now in our class. Just wanted to say hi Nathan…..Dana and I were talking about you and Stephen today…..what nice boys (and men) you are.

    Take care and God bless,


  2. Dana's Mom Says:

    We need teachers in Kalispell area!!! Check it out…..we have brethren here!! One trip here and you would be sold!!! Days drive to retirement center, Seattle, Boise, etc. Also….Canada

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