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At what cost? Subsidized malnutrition.

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Wish I could spare the time to do more than drop on a quick post.  Still, this is largely self-explanatory and utterly disturbing.

First, this video:

Then, this article.

To Lead A Gang

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I so should have blogged about this sooner, but I just hadn’t had time to watch the video.  This is very interesting and very funny.  (would post it here, but WordPress won’t allow it for this type of video)

I should also point out that I first found the video on the Freakonomics blog and that I first became acquainted with Sudhir Venkatesh due to his pieces on What Do Real Thugs Think of The Wire?

Opportunity Cost 101

Posted in current events, Education, Meanderings on February 14, 2008 by weirleader

Geez, you’d think I’m getting some sort of kickbacks for all my references to Freakonomics lately, but, to be honest, there are just so many interesting things they discuss.

Take this article on over-enrolled classes and how one enterprising student attempted to sell her seat! Man, that’s gotta be good for the ego (of the professor, I mean) – assuming the demand is due to the “greatness” of the class as opposed to it being some sort of prereq.  It makes me really curious what it’d be like to sit in on a lecture by Prof. Levitt.

Be sure you read through all the links as well, because some are as interesting as the original article!

Bias in the media

Posted in current events, Deep And Profound Brain Things on February 11, 2008 by weirleader

I’ve been paying a bit more attention to the blog Freakonomics lately and found the two following articles provided some interesting reading.  See what you think:

Acceptable Biases, and Unacceptable Ones, and, linked to in that same article:

Is Discrimination Against Latinos Getting More Costly?

OMG Ponies!

Posted in Bizarre, current events, Linguistics on February 7, 2008 by weirleader

So wherefore the title? It’s a convoluted and, ultimately, silly story. But here it goes. I’m reading this article on the undersea cables that recently were cut in the Middle East because, although I’m not typically a conspiracy theorist, I must admit that it seemed awfully coincidental that these large undersea (presumably, pretty deep undersea) cables just accidentally were cut in close proximity both in time and space. So I’m reading along, minding my own, when I come across this seemingly out-of-place reference to OMG Ponies.

And I figured it was my civic duty to make sure that all my loyal readers (yes, all three of you) were up-to-date on the latest slang, or leetspeak, or whatever it’s called these days. 😉

For some reason I am reminded of the quote, “There are more things in heaven and earth…”