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Funny Farm

Posted in Deep And Profound Brain Things, Gaming, Toys & Games with tags , , on March 18, 2008 by weirleader

Came across this puzzle via the Freakonomics blog (as usual), and it’s really quite interesting. It’s basically a word-association puzzle, but it’s designed to use cookies so it will automatically save your game. AND there’s a feature that let’s people share their solutions to collaborate.

Try it out!

If you want to collaborate, let me show you how: click on the ‘save game’ button and it will provide you with a link to your saved content. Paste that content into a comment here for us to share our results.

My progress so far (only use it if you want to – you can start on your own by using the link above). My recommendation is to begin it on your own and only use my progress if you’re getting stuck. To add my progress to yours, again click the ‘save game’ button and there’s a field where you can paste in somebody else’s progress (just paste in the above link).

Your first gaming moment

Posted in Gaming, Meanderings on January 15, 2008 by weirleader

Pac-Man screenshotI wish I was clever enough to have thought of this, but it really is an interesting and conversation-provoking question. Writin’ Wrong pointed me to this blog where some top gamers/game designers reminisce about their pong-infested glory days.

I have to admit that I’m having a heck of a time recalling where my gaming addiction began. Was it Zork, Super Breakout, Seven Cities of Gold, or simply Donkey Kong? I know my cousin had a 2600, but we only got to play that when visiting the grandparents… so that’s not likely. Continue reading