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All Around the World

Posted in Photography, Technology on May 17, 2007 by weirleader

Just came across this blog on Flickrvision while browsing some of my favorite blogs (nods to HalfAwake) – really intriguing concept. Feels almost like I’m snooping on all kinds of strangers. Just an interesting feeling – but fun, too. Check it out!

My next camera

Posted in Photography, Science on November 3, 2006 by weirleader

I think my next camera might need to be a 1 pixel camera.  Yep – 1 pixel.  It would drain batteries a lot slower…

Of course, that sounds pretty stupid, until you read this article about an algorithm for recording multiple data sets on a single pixel and then reconstructing an image that most easily replicates the data.  Sounds pretty bizarre, but sort of makes sense at the outer edges of conscious thought.

Anyway, thought you’d find that interesting Pete.