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At what cost? Subsidized malnutrition.

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Wish I could spare the time to do more than drop on a quick post.  Still, this is largely self-explanatory and utterly disturbing.

First, this video:

Then, this article.


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So I asked a girl to move to her assigned seat today… she was one seat removed (and thus occupying someone else’s seat), and apparently this was just too much to be asked of her.  She instantly blew up – complaining, muttering under her breath, and in general just causing a stink because of my temerity.

I caught the words “…only one tripping about these stupid-ass seats…,” and quickly realized that this was only going to grow worse (Not to mention, I would soon lose my temper right back.  Not a pretty picture.) , so I told her she should leave.  Standard protocol calls for me to fill out paperwork and process her through our in-house detention, but this class is full of a dozen more just like her who will lose it if I don’t keep them occupied every waking moment.  So I just let her disappear and trust she’ll not get into too much trouble, wherever she’s going.

As she walks by me, she’s still muttering – I catch, “… your four-eyed ass.”  Well, that makes me feel better. 😡

I’ll process her on Monday (now that I’ve had a moment’s silence to process the requisite paperwork) and hopefully will have a day or two more sans said student.  But I’m wondering if I can somehow keep her out until I get an apology.  I mean, she just lit into me like I’d verbally assaulted her or something.

The funny thing is (and I don’t mean hilarious)  that I just had another incident with her earlier this week (milder, however) and tried to explain to her that she should keep silent until she’s calmer and then discuss with me whatever has her so irate.  Somehow, I’m figuring she didn’t catch my drift.

TGIF?  I wish it was summer!