Einstein’s Dreams (or Stay Away from Shrooms)

Okay, that last little bit is my own subtitle (in case it wasn’t obvious).

In short, what was going through Einstein’s head as he worked his way toward the concept of relativity? Somehow, I doubt it was this, although this book does play with some interesting ideas. Basically, Alan Lightman explores in brief vignettes how reality might be different giving different combiations of the relationship between space and time. It’s really quite unscientific (perhaps non-technical is a better word), though somewhat interesting (I say that merely to assure those who find themselves analytically challenged that this book is accessible – and as a warning to those who enjoy a deep book that this is not going to be one).

Strangely enough – upon looking up just who Alan Lightman is, I find him to be a quite recognized physicist and science writer. Hmmm, maybe I’d better be careful who I call unscientific?!

Fun ideas… Quick read…

Overall: 6/10

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